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I Wrote an App for My Son

June 24, 2011
Kid Jokes - free WinPhone app

Kid Jokes - free WinPhone app

It’s a pleasure to write code. There are many pleasures in the software business. It’s definitely fun to create a new business. It’s definitely rewarding to take care of a team. But there’s just something about writing code. I wanted to write some code for my new Windows Phone. My son is 8 and loves to tell jokes.  So I created a teleprompter-like jokebook, seeded with 100 jokes for the 2nd grade set.  It’s not a highly polished app, but if you have a similar kid, you might have fun with it.  And you’ll probably recognize many of the jokes — it’s amazing how 2nd grade jokes haven’t changed that much in a generation.  The app is “Kid Jokes: age 8“, free in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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